Our Projects


$3,000,000 Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Parasol Foundation Women Cancer Research Center
£800,000 BIRAX British Council and Israel Joint Scientific Research
$2,000,000 Marin General Hospital The new Emergency Room
£1,300,000 Gibraltar Health Authority Digital Mammography Unit for St. Bernard Hospital
$1,000,000 Sheba Medical Center Radiology Unit
$1,600,000 Laniado Hospital Maternity, IVF and Gynaecology Departments
$450,000 Rabin Medical Center CPCT Center, Head & Neck Center and Parasol Foundation Surgical Fellowships
£25,000 Royal Free Charity Parasol Fellowship in endocrinology


$400,000 University of San Francisco Parasol Scholarships for female STEM students
£700,000 University of Gibraltar Parasol Scholarships in Business
£800,000 Cambridge University Darwin Library, Cambridge Women’s Boat Club and the Parasol Scholarship for female STEM studendts
$3,000,000 Tel-Aviv University The creation and ongoing support of The Parasol International LL.M. Program
£125,000 Prince’s Trust The support of women participating in the Get Started Programs
$600,000 Atidim Parasol Scholarships for female STEM students in high-school and university
$400,000 Marin Academy Parasol Scholarship for female students
£100,000 City of London School Parasol Scholarships
$200,000 FIRST Sponsorship of high-school teams competing in national and international competitions
$230,000 Hebrew University Parasol Scholarships for STEM students from Asia
$100,000 Israel-Asia Center Parasol Fellowships for exceptional students from Asia


$300,000 Space IL Efforts to get an Israeli spacecraft to land on the moon
£170,000 Heritage of London Trust Reconstruction and renovation of female-inspired monuments
$400,000 Jewish Family & Children’s Services, San Francisco YouthFirst and Seniors At Home
£80,000 Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts Development Programme for young students
£80,000 LaLinea School Schools Renovation of infrastructure and computer equipment
£115,000 Gibraltar Philharmonic Society Sponsorship of $1,000,000 Momentum for Mental Health for support and treatment of mental illnesses