Ruth Monicka Parasol

Ruth Parasol Profile

Principal Benefactress & Advisory Board

Ruth Monicka Parasol is considered to be one of the world’s wealthier self-made women today. Ruth founded PartyGaming PLC in 1997, the parent company of online poker site, which went public on the London Stock Exchange in June 2005. In 2010, PartyGaming merged with Bwin Interactive, forming Bwin. Party Digital Entertainment PLC, then the world’s largest publicly traded online gaming company. Ruth sold her remaining assets in 2015, and today is no longer involved in the online gambling industry.

Ruth was born and raised in Mill Valley, California, where she was raised by her father Rick Parasol, a Jewish, Polish, Holocaust survivor and Guna Parasol, a Swedish native. She grew up with her two sisters, pursuing many hobbies such as sailing, skiing, playing the piano and ice-skating.

Ruth obtained a B.A in Business from the University of San Francisco, and continued to complete a law degree in Western State University College of Law. Ruth started her career in her father’s successful, global business, which included managing real-estate, investing in start-ups and providing internet and phone services. Following the experience, exposure and education she received in her father’s business, Ruth continued to build Starluck Casino Online and eventually

​Whilst building an internationally successful company, Ruth had 3 kids with her former husband, Russ DeLeon (married in 2003, divorced in 2014), and dedicated much of her time to them. Today, Ruth’s focus is on her young children, and believes nothing compares to the challenges and rewards of raising them. In addition, Ruth spends much of her time establishing her private offices and developing their global investment mandate.

​Following the establishment of The Trust in 2004, Ruth has served as the Lead International Advisory Board Member and as the principal benefactor, having contributed several millions. Ruth believes in projects that have lasting, beneficial impacts on underprivileged communities, and wants to enable others to achieve what she has for herself and her family.

​Ruth’s great gift is seeing everyone’s individual potential, creating successful teams, not taking no for an answer and never fearing hard work. Using these values and her many skills, Ruth has and continues to have an enormous influence on The Parasol Foundation Trust’s many projects.

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