Ruth Monicka Parasol

Ruth Monicka Parasol

Principal Benefactress & Advisory Board

Born in 1967 in California, Ruth Monicka Parasol – graduated with a B.A in Business from the University of San Francisco in 1988 and a J.D from Western State University College of Law in 1992.

Ruth began her career as an advisor to her father’s high-tech investment and real estate management business. She is considered to be one of the world’s most successful self-made women today. Her fortune made principally from the IPO proceeds of the LSE listing in 2005 of PartyGaming Plc, the company she founded in 1997. At the time of listing it was the world’s largest online poker room. She stepped down from consulting to the company in 2006 to focus on her young children and sold her remaining shares in 2015.

Ruth is a dedicated full-time mother that straddles the daily challenges of single parenting as well as working full time in overseeing her private office endeavour, which are focused solely on traditional long-term institutional funds and real estate investments. She is also principle benefactress and founding member of the internal advisory board of Parasol Foundation Trust, a philanthropic trust, established in 2004, that has since given over GBP 20,000,000.00 to health and learning initiatives. Ruth is thankful for her good fortune, her home, her children and philanthropy and giving back is a major part of her efforts.

Ruth was born and raised in Mill Valley, California, where she was raised by her father Rick Parasol, a Jewish, Polish, Holocaust survivor and Guna Parasol, a Swedish little-city native. Ruth grew up with her two sisters, perusing many hobbies, such as sailing, skiing, playing the piano and ice-skating. She was not studios but always determined to have fun and work. Her great gift is seeing everyone’s individual potential, creating successful teams, not taking no for an answer and never fearing hard work.