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May 2023

New research to shine a light on barriers for women in healthcare

New research to shine a light on barriers for women in healthcare

We’re launching a new study exploring the obstacles that prevent some women moving forward into senior roles in clinical academia.

In partnership with Imperial Health Charity and Imperial College we’ve commissioned expert researchers to investigate the barriers and challenges that make it harder for women to progress their careers in healthcare.

Globally, fewer than a third of the world’s researchers are women – and only 35% of female students in the UK choose a STEM subject in higher education.*

We know that truly understanding a problem is always the first step to fixing it and the research will help us understand what changes could be made to better support women advance their academic careers. We’re aiming to make a real difference for all the promising female researchers of the future so they can achieve their potential.

Professor Clare Lloyd and Dr Liz Elvidge, from Imperial College London, are overseeing the project with support from specialist consultants Research Coach.

The initiative is part of The Parasol Foundation Centre for Women’s Health and Cancer Research with its emphasis on creating opportunities for women to progress in science and healthcare.

Look out for news on the report’s recommendations in Spring 2024.

*New UNESCO report sheds light on gender inequality in STEM education | UNESCO