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The Parasol Foundation Trust was established in Gibraltar in 2004. Since then it has given over £30,000,000.00 in health, heritage and education grants in Gibraltar, UK, India, Israel, US, Spain and elsewhere. Ruth Parasol leads the founding of, and heads, the ongoing agenda of the International Advisory Board which guides grant-making. Ruth is known as the principal benefactress of the Trust, giving much of her time and additional money to the Trust, with her private family office, RG Advisors Ltd., providing investment and administrative support.

Since 2004:


$3,000,000.00 Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Parasol Foundation Women Cancer Research Center
£800,000.00 BIRAX British Council and Israel Joint Scientific Research
$2,000,000.00 Marin General Hospital The new Emergency Room
£1,300,000.00 Gibraltar Health Authority Digital Mammography Unit for St. Bernard Hospital


$400,000.00 University of San Francisco Parasol Scholarships for female STEM students
£700,000.00 University of Gibraltar Parasol Scholarships in Business
£800,000.00 Cambridge University Darwin Library, Cambridge Women’s Boat Club and the Parasol Scholarship for female STEM studendts
$3,000,000.00 Tel-Aviv University The creation and ongoing support of The Parasol International LL.M. Program
£125,000.00 Prince’s Trust The support of women participating in the Get Started Programs
$600,000.00 Atidim Parasol Scholarships for female STEM students in high-school and university


$300,000.00 Space IL Efforts to get an Israeli spacecraft to land on the moon
£170,000.00 Heritage of London Trust Reconstruction and renovation of female-inspired monuments
£800,000.00 Victoria & Albert Museum Digitisation of Indian Collection and Scholarship in History of Design in collaboration with The Royal College of Arts

Lifting up special students and research ideas, preserving a piece of history, contributing to a park, helping make a dream come true, this is what we are about.

Ruth Parasol

Principal Benefactress


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10 John Mackintosh Square,
GX11 1AA, Gibraltar