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The Parasol Foundation Women’s Breast Cancer Center at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

With a donation of $3.5mn The Parasol Foundation Trust is funding vital research and creating a multidisciplinary center in Israel for the comprehensive treatment of women with breast cancer.

The Parasol Foundation Women’s Breast Cancer Center for diagnosis, research and treatment will operate within the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. Expected to open in 2024 the center will be the most advanced in Israel, benefitting thousands of women every year.

The new Center will bring together a complete suite of medical and paramedical services and emotional support making sure the patient is accompanied from the moment the disease is detected through to and after her recovery. This one-stop structure, will include surgical and treatment services, a Breast Imaging Unit, oncology consultants, specialists in genetics, plastic surgery and research.

Our donation will also fund a series of groundbreaking research projects led by women physicians over a three-year period starting in January 2023.

We’re funding genetic research which aims to reveal pathways governing drug resistance and exploit this understanding to reveal new targets and develop novel strategies for patients. Researchers will analyze genomic alteration development upon time, treatment and disease progression in liquid biopsies of breast and ovarian cancer patients.

Parasol Foundation funded researchers will also explore the alterations in tumor environment and breast and ovarian cancer development. Led by Keren Marenbakh Lamin and Noa Keren, they are aiming to decipher different components composing the microenvironment of breast tumors, in order to delineate the interaction between tumor and non-tumor cells and the role these interactions play in resistance to treatments.

Over the next three years ten research grants will be awarded to women undertaking Masters, PHD and post-doctoral research into breast and ovarian cancer at the hospital. A further ten women physicians will be supported to conduct clinical or research fellowships outside of the hospital.

This new donation builds on our longstanding relationship with the TASMC and our support for the existing Parasol Center for Women's Cancer which has benefited from $3 million in funding since it was established in 2016.