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Friends of Atidim Parasol Foundation Women STEM Scholarships




Friends of Atidim Parasol Foundation Women STEM Scholarships

The Parasol Foundation Trust’s collaboration with Atidim underlines our commitment to creating opportunities for exceptionally talented females. Through three programmes, we have sponsored hundreds of extremely intelligent, academically excellent and hand-picked female students to support their growth within the engineering and scientific fields.

Atidim is a non-profit organization that strives to help build a strong Israeli society through harnessing the immense potential of individuals unable to financially support themselves and their families.

The Foundation has collaborated with the Atidim in Industry programme which encourages young adults who have completed their compulsory military or national service in Israel to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and the Sciences, and intern in companies and industries throughout Israel.

We have also worked with the Atidim Take-Off programme and the New Frontiers programme. The Take-Off programme provides highly motivated, lone immigrant soldiers with support when starting their civilian life post-military. The New Frontiers programme is a science and engineering enrichment programme aimed at giving talented female high-school students the support, knowledge and tools to forge a new generation of young women in the field that are so crucial to Israel’s defence, security and economic future.