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Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts





As part of our mission to encourage future generations and support unique centres of excellence, the Parasol Foundation has recommitted to funding the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts (GAMPA) scholarship programme for the upcoming academic year (2022/2023).

GAMPA is a remarkable organisation adding so much to gifted young people and the cultural life of Gibraltar. It strives to produce well-rounded musicians and performers and recognises the importance of fostering creativity from an early age and inspiring young talent Since 2016, the Parasol Foundation’s yearly contribution to GAMPA has successfully enabled promising young students to further studies in music and performing arts by having more contact time with tutors for no additional cost.

As well as giving over 300 students the opportunity to become involved in ensemble classes and workshops, the scholarship programme has also granted individual scholarships for students in financial hardship and those showing exceptional promise.