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Parasol Foundation Scholarship Program for Ukrainian Women at Reichman University





Launched in August 2022 in response to the devastating situation in Ukraine, our program with Reichman University is creating opportunities for exceptional women to continue their STEM studies in Israel.

The Parasol Foundation Scholarship program for Ukrainian Women at Reichman University offers fully paid STEM scholarships for women from the war-torn regions of Ukraine who can no longer attend university in Ukraine.

We’re funding four talented young women through their undergraduate STEM studies with a donation of $365,000 to help them pursue their dreams and achieve their potential. The female students are joining a growing network of Parasol Foundation students stretching across Israel, the US, UK and Gibraltar.

Reichman University will nurture and support the Parasol Foundation Scholars throughout their degrees to ensure they flourish and succeed in their studies.

The Parasol Foundation Scholarship Program is the first of its kind at Reichman University, providing full scholarships to those whose lives have been disrupted by war. The Program is led by Jonathan Davis, Vice President of External Relations and Head of the Raphael Recanati International School.

Reichman University was founded in 1994 by Prof. Uriel Reichman to train the future leadership of the State of Israel. Reichman University students are educated in light of the motto "Freedom and Responsibility," and alongside the emphasis placed on excellence in research and teaching, prominence is given to social responsibility and community involvement. Since its inception, about 34,000 graduates have earned their degrees from Reichman University.