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Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL

The Parasol Foundation and SpaceIL are leading an exciting Space and Astro science program to create new opportunities and empower women in the space industry.

The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL program has dedicated scholarships to female engineering students and graduates with a donation of $500,000. Michal Pushkov, Sahar Peretz, Julia Saleh, Or Nataf and Dr. Neta Palkovitz were selected in September 2022 as the first five fellows from an exceptionally talented group of applicants.

In addition to the scholarships, we’re contributing $1,530,000 and joining the distinguished group of donors to the Beresheet2 2025 moon mission. The new mission will build on SpaceIL’s Beresheet1 2019 launch which was the first private entity to reach the moon and secured Israel’s position as the 4th country to ever touch the moon with a lunar lander.

Established in 2011, SpaceIL passionately believes in inspiration through action. With their ground-breaking projects in deep space, they seek to inspire Israel’s future generation and encourage teenagers to think in the direction of science, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

SpaceIL’s goal is to introduce the younger generation to the exciting opportunities that arise from the courage to dream and the determination to make that dream a reality.

To create a lasting legacy, we’re also initiating a study project analysing the gender gap in space research and engineering in Israel. The findings of the study will be published widely to encourage international progress.

This pioneering STEM project is an integral part of Ruth Parasol and the Parasol Foundation’s wider effort of empowering next generation females to study STEM and choose careers in space, along with other fields of science, technology, and medicine