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Richard Parasol
Richard Parasol

At 85 years of age, Richard is sharp as ever, doesn’t miss any numbers, continues to fly his plane and enjoys every minute of life, a true inspiration to all.

He is a constant sounding board for his daughter, Ruth Parasol and the entire Parasol International team. Always available to brainstorm on strategy, acquisitions and day-to-day operations through his rich experience, wealth of information and network.

Richard is a Holocaust orphan, self-made, highly successful businessman not only in real estate but also as a venture investor in several retail and telecommunication businesses. Richard is a tireless businessman, avid yachtsman and hi-flying pilot circumventing the globe in his own small jet.

His experience as a real estate developer and property owner spans decades, primarily in the multi-family arena. Over the past four decades, Richard has sponsored, developed, operated and financed thousands of residential units, many of which he continues to own as part of his own private family portfolio.

Richard holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from Healds Engineering College, and performed post-graduate work at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).