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Ruth Monicka Parasol
Ruth Monicka Parasol
Principal Benefactress and Trustee Director

Ms Ruth Monicka Parasol was born in 1967 and is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and businesswomen. With a self-made portfolio of over $1b, she and her international team excel in Real Estate, Asset Management and Private Equity.

Raised in California, she graduated from law school in 1993 and immediately gravitated to the Information Highway boom of early Silicon Valley. She was an internet pioneer in 1995 in Fintech and Gaming and an early adopter and founder of back office India-based software development.

Ruth was the first woman to IPO her company, Party Gaming Plc onto the LSE FTSE 100 in 2005 for then record valuations and was the world’s largest online poker room.

Ruth is a long-time resident of Gibraltar where she has lived for many years, in addition to Israel. Since 2018, she has been living in London with her 5 children where they are all attending school.

Her largest current business activities are in real estate in the USA, the UK, Poland and Greece. She is also active in the high-tech sector in Israel, and recently in 2020 took a major stake in City of London Group, an Aim-listed company launching a UK bank called Recognise, she serves as director of the board of both.

Her personal and business life have both been centred in Gibraltar since 2004 when she rebased PartyGaming there. Ruth holds an annual event in Gibraltar showcasing her activities and bringing international acclaimed keynote speakers and musicians.

Ruth is the Principal Benefactress of The Parasol Foundation Trust which has given over £30m since 2004 to leading organisations such as the V&A, Cambridge University, St. Mary’s Hospital, NSPCC, Tel-Aviv Hospital (specifically the Parasol Foundation Center for Women Cancer Research). The Parasol Foundation Trust has also created a number of scholarship programmes such as in the City of London Girls School, Marin Academy, University of San Francisco, the University of Gibraltar, the Technion University and Tel-Aviv University.